Swinging by your favorite restaurant to fancy a bite of your favorite food is very rare nowadays. With the ongoing pandemic, awareness of food consumption has increased. This gloomy news turned sunny when some of the women entrepreneurs decided to provide delicious takeaway food. 

The takeaway industry is lead by some inspiring women who wish to provide quality food with amazing taste. Several budding women entrepreneurs have begun their journey with just a small amount of investment, large doses of determination, and a whole lot of love for food. 

They are no less than huge chain restaurants. They provide lip-smacking food that is hygienic and ticks every box on the tasty checklist. 

You can find everything from desserts to Asian cuisine. These women entrepreneurs are not afraid to experiment and introduce new cuisines. You can savour some amazing sushi from SESAME AND SOY in Surat.  They have authentic sushi takeouts. 

They make fresh batches of pre-orders. Interestingly, this takeaway is operated by two young ladies who aspire to bring the taste of authentic Asian cuisine.

If you want to explore some other Asian dishes, MULTISEED is a takeaway ran by a mother-daughter trio. They use interesting Asian ingredients that are new to the Indian palette. They introduce a new menu each time. 

There many more entrepreneurs who have bloomed their hobby of cooking into a takeaway business. It’s true that if you have enough determination and the will to create a new box for creativity, anything is possible. 

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