Striking the perfect balance between work-life balance has been a dream for many hard-working women who tend to overwork themselves. With our schedules getting busier each day, it is important to maintain the perfect ratio of work and life to achieve a better lifestyle. Some might think that it is an easy job, but it is easier said than done. If you want to achieve the golden ratio of work and life, keep on reading this article.

Three ways to balance work and life –

Setting boundaries for yourself

The art of knowing when to stop is very crucial. Always schedule your work. That is, know when to start, and most importantly, know when to stop. Disconnect with your work after a certain hour of the day. This also includes not taking work calls unless it is urgent. This way, you can also spend enough time with your loved ones.

Take a break 

Burnouts are very destructive. They occur when one tends to over-work. To avoid burnout, always plan a break for yourself whenever you feel overwhelmed with work. A break does not always suggest a staycation or vacation. It can be spending time doing your favourite activity. 

Often, we get so engrossed with work and forget to take care of ourselves. A chill pamper session can also be very relaxing after long sessions of hard work.

Learn to prioritize 

Setting your priorities in terms of work and life is very important. This will allow you to decide how much time to spend on a certain task.Categorizing work in terms of –

– Urgent & important

– Important but not urgent

– Urgent but not important

-Neither urgent nor important

These tips will help you be your best self.  Enjoy your life and simultaneously succeed at work.

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