We have heard tales of powerful women conquering the world one day at a time. Today, we bring you one such lady who set a benchmark example for all genders. She is hardworking and diligent.

She is Anjali Gandhi, a costume designer, and a mother from Surat. Her recent work venture is nothing but truly inspiring. Anjali Gandhi’s amazing work and portfolio brought her a chance to design costumes for a recent web series.

She has a mammoth task of designing 250 costumes for the characters. She took up the challenge and began her work with extensive research starting from the markets of Mumbai. Then later, this head costume designer personally sourced the material and inspiration from the bustling markets of Calcutta with her five years old. One can only imagine how challenging it is!

Her challenges continued when she had to design every costume keeping in mind the comfort of the actors. She had to attend every character for fitting and improvising sessions while taking care of her child.

Her dedicating nature refrained from giving nothing but the best of her work. She made several changes in the costume and even constructed an entirely new costume a few moments before shooting.

She also achieved the mammoth task of designing costumes for supporting actors on the spot.

Anjali Gandhi sets an example for every human out there.

She is a living example of the proverb, “Where there’s a will there’s a way”.  

She took her challenges and turned them into opportunities. She aspires thousands of working men and women.

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