“Motherhood: All love begins and ends here”

Mothers are the greatest blessings from God. As God cannot be there everywhere, he created mothers for us.

From the time we wake up to the moment we get into bed, we see our mothers doing so much hard work for us. With changing times, they have got super-moms. As their duties are increased, they have adapted to the new lifestyles gracefully. One thing that hasn’t changed in any mother is the liking & fondness of their children. No matter how much grown up we are, they still look at us as their kids.

2nd Sunday of May is International Mother’s Day

The second Sunday of May is celebrated as International Mother’s Day to honor the embodiment of the love of mothers across the world. 

Honestly, a day is never enough to thank motherhood for the tireless efforts, contributions, unconditional love, and courageous sacrifices. The unmatched kindness and affection of mothers can never be compensated.

There is so much to learn from mothers who do a lot many things for us but only expect love and care in return. We’ve always got their back in tough times and they are our biggest fans who make winning worthy. 

“A mother is someone who can take place of anyone in this world but whose space cannot be filled by anyone in this world”

Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas in Lockdown

Most of us love to celebrate Mother’s Day & make our moms feel special on this day. Well, as we know that lockdown has brought our lives at a pause, how would you celebrate this time? Here are a few tips on how you can make the most of Mother’s Day Celebrations at home…

  • Give break to your mother from the kitchen & make her favorite dishes
  • Keep your smartphone away & ask your mom to tell her the most happening incidents from her childhood
  • Plan a family movie night so you can spend some quality time
  • Pamper your mom with head, hand & foot massage
  • If possible, bake a cake to complete the celebrations

Let’s listen to what our mother’s don’t say, let’s care for them & give the returns of happiness & positivity they bring to our lives. 

Happy Mother’s Day!

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