As we all know, Sharjah to Surat Flight will be starting from 16th Feb, 2019. With this first international flight, a new record will be set on the name of Jasmine Mistry. 

Jasmine Mistry, who is a resident of Surat, will land the first international flight to her home ground. This is not the first time she is landing any flight to Surat as she has already landed Ahmedabad to Surat flight during her training sessions in 1993-94. 

Image Courtesy: Gujarat MitraJasmine Mistry dreamed of becoming a pilot since her childhood. She was lacking proper guidance to go ahead and make her career as a pilot until she saw an advertisement in 1993 about Mumbai Flying Club Training. 

The cost of training was 4.5 lakh during that time but somehow she struggled to get what she always dreamed of with the support of her family. She is now a pilot, following her passion and is all set to make a new record by landing the first international flight from Sharjah to Surat, her home ground.

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