No matter what situation arises, women always find their way out. Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, many countries are witnessing lockdown scenarios. But this cannot limit the talent of women from reaching the world.

How are women coping with new challenges?

The freedom we have these days is utilizing the power of social media platforms. Women are 

As everyone is staying at home, women are finding ways to stay productive. Some are bringing their hobbies in front of the world; some are working from home while some are working out from home. Keeping everyone motivated and inspiring others is what women love doing the most. They are still doing the same by being available as doctors on duty, sharing online training sessions, operating virtual classrooms, and more.

Besides doing all this, let’s not forget that preventive measures are priorities.

What precautions should women take during the Coronavirus outbreak?

As guided by the government, we should wash hands often & prioritize sanitization. Women are the homemakers and hence they are on high-alert mode these days.

  • Women should make sure that every family member stays healthy even at home. 
  • Wash your hands well before cooking or serving.
  • While going out for grocery shopping, make sure you wear masks & gloves. Don’t forget to carry your bag for grocery shopping.

Check out this amazing video by MasterChef Pankaj Bhadouria on washing vegetables tactfully these days.

  • The health of family members is in your hands so prepare immunity booster foods. Also, keep your kitchen clean.
  • Follow social distancing by doing household chores yourself & give a break to your maids.
  • Make your family follow healthy habits of drinking boiled water, turmeric milk, herbs tea, & more of such little changes that bring a hygienic change to their lives.
Fight COVID-19 with Healthy Mind, Body & Soul: Practice Yoga

Believe it or not, we’ve understood the importance of a healthy body these days. Yoga is no wonder the key to controlling mind, body & soul. It helps in bringing mental and physical disciplines together.

We’re experiencing situations when most of us are feeling trapped and exhausted in our homes. By practicing yoga, stress and anxiety can be reduced. It also helps in getting good sleep. If you’ve been doing this already, it’s great. If not, why don’t you follow Yoga Instructor Falguni Godiwala?

You may find some refreshing music for Yoga & Meditation or check out personalized wellness apps.

What’s more for your #quarantinelife Bucket list?

Try Innovative Recipes by:

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