Travelling to nearby and far off places was entirely different before the pandemic struck humankind. Pandemic greatly affected travel norms and practices. However, Adaptation is the greatest need for survival. Hence, the smart human race has tackled the threat by adapting smartly to it. 

Nowadays, travelling with precautions is the utmost priority. Having masks and sanitizers always tops the checklist, but there are many other travel essentials you must be missing out on. 

Here are some travel essentials for 2020.

Personal pillow covers

This one right here is an absolute essential, yet it is missed almost all the time. Pillow covers are the next thing after your mobile that your face comes in contact with for the longest.

Considering the current situation, it is always safe to carry personal use items such as pillow covers and bedsheets.

Reusable Steel straw

Health and hygiene should be your priority in such trying times. Cups and glasses come directly in contact with many hands. Although necessary precautions are taken to sanitize, it is better to carry reusable steel straw to drink out of cups. 

Another plus side of using steel straws is that it reduces plastic waste. Be eco-friendly and safe at the same time by carrying your steel straws. Make sure to wash and sanitize it regularly. Store it in an air-tight container. 

Foldable duffle bag

It is an unsaid thing that you come back with more luggage while returning, so extra carrying space while travelling hurts no one. Carrying an extra bag makes space for any items that you will be bringing back. Additionally, it helps you in packing better for your flight. 

Travelling is different in 2020, but you can still make it fun and safe. Do not forget to include these things in your travel essential checklist when you travel next time.

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