Women & Jewellery are made for each other. Despite having a lot of fashion accessories and precious gold and diamond jewellery in their wardrobes, women will keep asking for more. And, why not?! After all, trends keep changing & it is essential to upgrade the collection.

Did you ever notice the way you buy jewellery? Is it according to your personality or you pick trinkets randomly? If you want to know the simplest ways to choose the right jewellery that fits your personality, go on reading this blog…

Three Amazing Ways to Pick Jewellery suiting your Personality

Wear Jewellery that Speaks for you!

Many women are afraid to experiment. They wear the same age-old jewellery style without knowing what it is speaking for their personality.

Everything should be in harmony – your outfits, accessories, jewellery, etc. No matter if you are bold in nature, fun-loving and bubbly or minimalist, buy jewellery that shouts out loud for you. And, never fear to experiment for special occasions. It will not only enhance your look but will also give a new identity to your personality.

Choose Diamonds to Reflect Stunner in You

Diamonds are always fun to accessorize. They inherit the elements of richness & luxury. Add a pinch of gorgeousness to your looks with diamond jewellery. Be it casual wear or party wear, a diamond makes your day. And, no matter which type of personality you are, diamonds are for all.

You must have heard – “Diamonds are a girl’s Best Friend.”

Consider the diamond shape

Believe it or not, diamond shapes also have their special meaning. Let’s check out each of them in brief:

  • Round – Unending Love
  • Oval – Tradition & Romance
  • Emerald – Elegance
  • Princess – Exceptional Brilliance
  • Marquise – Opulence & Elegance
  • Asscher – Vintage Romance
  • Heart – Heartfelt Sentiments
  • Pear – Blend of tradition & modernism
  • Radiant – Fun Loving
  • Cushion – Trendy & Fabulous

By the time you have learned the meaning of diamond shapes, you have known the reflections you create by wearing a particular one. It’s amazing to wear the one that is the best fit for your personality & you look effortlessly thoughtful with it.

If you are looking to buy from one of the best stores for diamond jewellery in Surat then do have a check on Charu Jewels. You’ll find the latest handcrafted diamond jewellery designs to crush over!

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