The most challenging year of the last decade was the year 2020. The impact of 2020 is unforgettable in everyone's life. The Covid-19 pandemic outbreak in the year 2020 was something unimaginable on the part of humans. Let alone adults; it impacted kids and elders as well. Not only one or two countries, it adversely affected the whole global world. Be it education, factories, businesses, agriculture, travel, food, or anything, covid-19 has barely left anything unaffected. Whether it be working women or housemaker, women's lives are the most affected.  

Covid-19 has the following impact on women’s lives:

  • Covid-19 impacted women the most financially as well as mentally and emotionally. 
  • Most of the women either lost their jobs or paid less than earlier. 
  • Women are left with lesser earning and fewer savings.
  • Most women feeding their families by selling stuff or food items on the streets have lost work for the reason being social-distancing.  
  • Many of the maids who earn a livelihood by doing household chores at others’ homes have lost the only source of living due to safety and precautionary measures of covid-19.
  • Women in villages are also hit hard due to the stopping of agricultural work during the season. Women in rural households have left with almost no savings. 
  • Apart from financial consequences, the mental health of women is also affected.
  • Women faced mental trauma and domestic violence in households. 
  • Pregnant women came across difficulties in delivery due to pandemic outburst.
  • Lockdown increased the burden of household works on women which lead to adverse effects on women’s health. 

Women are the most affected whenever something unusual happens. In the case of covid-19 consequences. Also, women suffered the most in all the aspects. The image presented above is just a glimpse, but the hit is much harder than it is shown. From a small rural village in some parts of India to any of the advanced and developed cities of the world, covid-19 has not left any place unaffected. The impact is hardest, so it will take greater time to heal. Let’s hope for the best.


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