Healthy Hair adds a different level of beauty to overall appearance of women.

Having voluminous, long, shiny and beautiful hair is what every women desire but only a few of them are successful at. Watching the girl next door with well-maintained hair or anyone with healthy hair leaves many women thinking if they too can get the same.

Not only beautiful hair is tempting, it triggers the thought of visiting salon frequently and spending money on Hair Spa & Treatments. But, you don’t need to worry as you’re about to unlock expert tips & tricks to transform your hair healthier at home.

7 Tips for Healthy Hair at Home

Use Mild Hot to Cold Water for Hair Wash

Hot and steamy bath is very relaxing but please apply this logic for your body only. Your hair is greatly damaged when washed with steaming hot water. So, use mild hot or cold water for hair wash only. Also, cold water does not mean chilled water but water which is at normal or room temperature.

Be Extra Careful with Wet Hair

Wet hair is prone to breakage. When hair is not cared properly when wet, they break easily and the root of your hair is affected. At times, when you don’t want to wash your hair, do use shower cap to avoid it from getting wet unnecessarily. 

Your hair mimics the nature in which it is dried so don’t keep your hair covered in a towel for long after washing and let it dry after combing with wide-teeth comb so that the tangled hair is easily combed without breakage.

Nourish – Wash – Moisturize

The rule of thumb to keep hair in a good condition is to nourish it with frequent oiling routine. Even if you hate to see oil on your head, you have to do it if you want to see hair growth. So, you may oil your hair an hour before shampooing & after washed with shampoo, don’t forget hair conditioning using hair moisturizing crèmes. 

Use Shampoo & Conditioner which suits your Hair

There are a lot of options available in the market whether you want to buy shampoo or conditioner. But the secret behind healthy hair is using the same brand’s shampoo and conditioner. For example, if you prefer L’Oreal, make sure the shampoo & conditioner both are from L’Oreal only. Nowadays, many shampoos are formulated with conditioner in it so you can use it.

Stay away from Overuse of Hairstyling Tools

Using hairstyling tools like hair dryer, straightener, curling machine or anything else repeatedly will damage your hair. You will find your hair breaking easily and crown area hair is forming a cloud. No woman will ever like to see this. So, use the styling tools occasionally only.

Set your Hair Free

Do you have a habit of keeping your hair tied in a pony or braid then beware! Too much of tightness is responsible for hair breakage and also damages your hair roots. So, leave them open sometimes for good hair health.

Use different Combs for different purpose

You should have at least 2 types of combs: wide-teeth one and regular comb/brush. Use wide-teeth comb for detangling your hair and use regular comb to style your hair. This way, your hair will not get messy and you can style them easily.

Happy Hair Care Ladies!


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