Uttarayan – one of the most favorite festivals of Gujaratis brings joy for kids as well as adults. Everyone loves to fly kites all day long and enjoy kite-fights on terraces and grounds. Along with flying kites, clicking pictures & enjoying til chikki & laddoos, don’t forget to be conscious for skin care.

Before you get on your terraces, make sure you have used sunscreen lotions for your face, hands and skin which covers you in advance.

Common Skin Problems after Uttarayan
  • Sun Burn
  • Skin Tanning
  • Skin Allergies like Redness, Peeling & Itching
  • Dry Skin
3 Best Ways for Skin Care in Uttarayan

If you are looking for best skin care tips for Uttarayan, here are three tips you should count on for after-Uttarayan skin care.

1. Try Homemade Skin Care Remedies

Sometimes homemade remedies are easiest ways to recover from the skin damage caused due to sun. Let’s flip back to grandmother recipes for skin care!

  • Make Haldi & Besan Paste which is very effective on skin. Take a bowl, add a pinch of turmeric, 2-3 tbsp of Besan and add milk, curd or water as preferred for forming a smooth paste. Apply it to your face by leaving the under-eye area, let it dry and then wash your face with cold water.
  • Cucumber extract is also very soothing to the face especially when you have got sun burn or redness. It relaxes your skin. Use grated cucumber and press it with your hands until you get its liquid extract enough to apply on your face. Leave the cucumber water applied for 10 minutes and wash it off with cold water.

Multani Mitti Mask, Yogurt, sheabutter and aloe Vera are amazing ingredients to repair dry skin.

2. Use Skin De-Tan Products

There is lot of face-masks available to be applied on the face. You can buy them from nearby beauty products shop or buy them online on the basis of your skin type.

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Numbers of brands are providing essential skin care products like hand creams, lotions and face care products in herbal range too.

3. Get Skin Treatment by Professional

Skin Treatments cannot be ‘experimented’ as it is the matter of your skin. If you don’t think you can do it on your own or have never done it before, it is better to consult professionals. They know which skin care products will better work for you so reach out to your Salon & pamper your skin post Uttarayan.

You Look Better with your Skin Feeling Good!

So, enjoy festivals & care for your skin too…


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