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Let’s accept that we all love to have absolutely flawless skin. Having refreshing, clean, and glowing skin is a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? Most of us have natural good and healthy skin, however, some of us have to work a little extra to achieve the same. No matter if you are blessed with good skin or you have to work hard, maintaining and taking really good care of your skin is highly imperative.

Most of us have an at-home skincare routine that we stick to on a daily basis, but there are actually major benefits to visiting a spa and saloon and let professionals take over. 

Facil is one of the best ways to not only get glowing skin, but also keeping your skin in good condition. Most of us have already done one or the other type of facial. But most of us fail to keep up with regular facials. 

Here are some amazing perks of getting monthly facials with a professional aesthetician.

Deep cleaning & exploitation

Our skin gets exposed to so many elements in a day, it’s important to wash it all away, and the best easy to do is through deep cleaning and exploitation.

No doubt, you wash your face often in a day, but that does not clean your face deeply. A facial will use different tools and steamers that will help soften your skin to prepare for deep cleaning and extractions.

Skin Rejuvenation

Get the glow! The techniques used during the facial massage will provide increased blood circulation, boost collagen production, improve skin elasticity and texture, increase absorption abilities and promote anti-aging.

Treat targeted skin issues

An aesthetician will do a full skin analysis to determine which issues need to be addressed to get that glow on the face that we all desire. Everybody is different and has different skin needs and hence, needs different skin routines. So custom facials will address each individual need.

Treat seasonal skin issues

Our skin is super sensitive. It needs different care each season. Due to weather and outside elements, you may experience dryness in the winter and breakouts in the summer. Taking a monthly facial will help maintain great skin all year round, throughout seasonal changes.

Relaxation & stress reduction

When you visit the spa, you completely disconnect and focus on yourself for an hour or more. The quiet, relaxing environment and aromatherapy help reduce anxiety levels and will leave you feeling uplifted. We can finally have some “me time” for our inner peace and refocus on our well-being.

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