The title seems so tempting as all of us want to look slim but only a few of us have the courage to get up, dress up & show up at the gym. Also, being regular with gymming is a promise we hardly fulfill.

We have our own reasons for not being able to go gym regularly and barely find time to maintain fitness. The problem grows bigger when you’re a working woman. A sitting job is challenging but a proper diet plan can help in fast weight loss.

‘Diet’ does not mean to turn away from rotis, rice & avoid everything that’s nice! Say no to crash diet or skipping meals. You only need a proper diet chart.

5 Rules to be followed by Working Women

Rule of Thumb: Never Skip Breakfast

You may be rushing at the last minute for office, packing your lunch or getting your kids ready for the school. Follow a fixed routine to have your breakfast, even if it costs you to wake 10 minutes earlier. Remember that a breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It boosts your body mechanism.

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Instead of consuming sugary juice, jams, bread or butter, go for healthier options like fruit salad, peanut butter with fruits, hard-boiled egg-white or sprouted moong which is healthy and nutritious too. It keeps you feeling full for long.

Don’t be a Tea or Coffee Addict

When you are overloaded with stress at work, you don’t mind ‘once more’ for tea or coffee all day long. For your kind information, this loop of tea and coffee add up to your weight as they consist of sugar.

Say Yes to Homemade Lunch

A random visit to popular restaurants for lunch or ordering food from Swiggy & Zomato only seems good in your smartphone. Nothing beats the nutrition received from homemade lunch. Don’t forget to eat a lot of veggies daily. As with breakfast, skipping lunch creates gas bubbles in your stomach which may then add up to your headache. Your fitness regimen can be spoiled because of this.

Avoid Packaged Foods

If you have a frequent munching habits at work like eating wafers, biscuits or chocolates then you should know that it adds to your weight.

Eat Dinner Wisely

Keep an eye on what you eat for dinner as well as the timings as it affects your digestive health to a great extent. Never have your dinner in spicy way as it will hinder your digestion and you may even face difficulty in sleep.

Please note that following these tips will not make you lose weight instantly but starting this slowly will make you reach your goals soon.

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