A pregnant woman is very concerned with her overall routine, especially her diet. She wants her diet to be healthy & nutritious to make her baby grow stronger from her womb. After all, healthy eating not only benefits the baby but also ensures a healthy pregnancy.

We have gathered some tips for Pregnant Women to take note of.

Five Diet Tips for Pregnant Women

Always have your Breakfast

Whether you are pregnant or not, you should never skip your breakfast. It is the healthiest meal of the day. Pregnant women should have cooked breakfast cereals with fruit which has added nutrients like calcium. Whole wheat toast is also a better alternative.

Eat fiber-rich foods

Your patter should have different vegetables and fruits. Eat plenty of beans, whole grains, brown rice, and oatmeal as they have high contents of fiber in them.

Choose Healthy Snacks

Low-fat cheese, Greek Yogurt with fruits, and whole-grain crackers are some examples of healthy snacks. It is essential to adopt a healthy-snacking habit to satisfy your cravings.

Have more Folic-Acid Rich Food

Folic-Acid is very important to prevent birth defects and it is availed in abundance from lentils like Rentio Toor Dal, Masoor Dal, Urad Dal, etc. Make sure that your lunch or dinner has a dal recipe included that satisfies your taste buds as well as provides ample iron.

Limit Caffeine Usage

Drink as much water as you can and limit coffee, tea, alcohol, etc. There is a wide range of drinks recommended by doctors including coconut water, lemonade, milk and milk-based drinks, fruit juices, vegetable juices, and so on.

There is more to know besides the above-mentioned keys. You should exercise regularly, track your weight gain, get enough sleep and educate yourself with how you can take utmost care of the baby in the womb. You may consult your doctor or visit a nutritionist for better diet plan.

Do share your views on this blog & feel free to share some tips if you have an experience already!

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