Shopping is the key to happiness for women as they are fond of shopping a lot. Shopping relieves stress and develops a sense of self-love and satisfaction within women. This self-love and satisfaction develop their self-esteem and boasts them. Nowadays shopping can be done physically or digitally from various places such as online stores, visiting famous market places, streets or weekly markets, malls or complexes. Let's discuss a few of the crucial pros and cons related to shopping online and offline individually. 

Pros of shopping online:

  • Less time investment
  • Goods at one swipe
  • Amazing deals and discount offer
  • Safe delivery at doorstep

Cons of shopping online:

  • Product quality not seen before purchase
  • Size and colour may vary 
  • Return or replace and refund take time

Pros of shopping offline:

  • Product quality can be checked before the purchase
  • Bargain is possible
  • Refund is possible immediately after replace

Cons of shopping offline:

  • More time investment
  • Hectic to search for the required product
  • Online discount offers and deals are difficult in an offline purchase
  • Might not be safe marketplaces

Shopping makes everyone happy but knowing about safety is an imperative question. So, should women compromise with their feeling of satisfaction they get from shopping due to fear? Not at all. There are certain tips that make women's shopping fun and completely safe. 

Like you all know. Every coin has two sides. If online shopping has good signs it also has a negative side. So, how to make online shopping safe?

Tips for safe online shopping:

  1. Shop only from genuine sites like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, etc.
  2. Before you shop online, make sure to read reviews about the company on the internet. (there are a lot of online stores and make sure it's genuine is ultimately necessary to avoid stress later).
  3. Use a secure mode of digital payment.
  4. Ready about the product reviews.
  5. Check for the return/exchange policy without fail.

Tips for safe offline shopping

  1. Stay attentive (this is one of the best things you can do for yourself)
  2. Inquire about the stores or the city or the place you’d like to visit for shopping (if you are visiting for the first time, have all the necessary details about the same)
  3. Take care of your belongings
  4. If you are travelling by auto or a cab, make sure to note the number.
  5. Don’t let anyone fool you. (this may sound unrealistic or obsessive but yes it can turn tricky).
  6. You can carry some pointed items like a knife or such in your bag for extra safety.

An individual may choose either online or offline mode of shopping depending upon their comfort and convenience.

Remember: don’t forget to enjoy your shopping. Worry less. After all, you are the ultimate warrior. 

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