A relationship which is started with a lot of love can always remain a healthy if you keep the spark alive. Here are the 5 boundaries which should exist in every relationship.

#1 Spend Some Time Apart

When you are in a relationship, you want to spend every single minute together. The feeling of love is addictive and it is hard to stay away from your partner. But do you know? – “Absence makes the Heart Grow Fonder”. 

Spending some time apart will make you miss each other and this is how your bond will grow stronger. You will value each other more.

#2 Make Mutual Decisions

Don’t stock decision making power in any one. You should make mutual decisions. If any one of the couple makes decision always then relationship will become uneven and things will go wrong or invite conflicts. 

If he or she is good at something, let him or her handle that but involve yourself in those things too.

#3 Respect Each Other

Lack of respect kills a relationship. Always respect each other. Be a honest speaker, share your feelings and needs openly. Never criticize each other personally or in public. If you have any problems with your partner then discuss with them and not in front of the world.

#4 Keep personal hygiene stuff separate

There is no shame in doing routine tasks in front of your partner like brushing your teeth, put on makeup or anything similar. Doing these things in front of them does not mean that they will love you any less but keeping this personal is a better idea.

These little things are necessary to be taken care if you want to keep romance alive.

#5 Be your own person out of the relationship

Being in a relationship does not mean that you should do everything which is liked by your partner. Some things should be done as per your opinion too. Let yourself enjoy friendship, hobbies and doing things you like in your own way.

Doing so will make you actually feel good about yourself. Someone who is ambitious, smart and open to taking any risk to achieve what they want will always be loved.

So, be yourself, it is required for healthy relationship.

Hope you enjoyed reading these 5 things. Do you agree with them?


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