A marriage is a Beautiful tie between two people, where they have their soul bonds for their life. Each marriage serves its purpose where it could be based on friendships or true love or some strong intense feeling for each other. A beautiful girl turns into a magnificent woman with the wedding vows & the rings. Women are the pure essence of love. They nurture, they care, they love & they devote their entire being to the husband & the in-law family. God has given a “gift” to form a new family just to a woman!

  • A newly wedded wife’s vision

The woman has a great impact on her daily life after tying a knot as vis-a-vis that of a man. As she is entering a new family. Old she turns into a new she "A glorious woman"! She is not only a daughter or a sister but a beautiful newly wedded wife & a daughter in law & more to be a mother in the near future. She is a feminine who is the creator of a family.

  • Women’s lifestyle changes to new living

Women change their dressing style & more often; she thinks twice before speaking to respect everyone & to form good happy times to a new family. Well, a woman's life after marriage is fascinating. Her life undergoes a wonderful change. She fulfils expectations of the in-laws, the Happiness of her loving husband & yes, the foremost “A kitchen princess”, and she feeds everyone happily with preparing the food for the new family. This new family is hers now; she calls it “my family”.  Isn't that an amazing change? To accept & become a part of a new family.

  • Women forms & create a strong family

Life after marriage is a change of a complete lifestyle with lots of love, compassion & responsibilities. Where a woman is a blessing to each new family. The change of acceptance & the new bonds of a relationship is her huge responsibility after marriage in a women’s life. She devotes her entire life to form her own family & kids with all her heart. She feels the warmth & security, as she is with her life partner…It’s a wonderful life after marriage!

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