Time Management Key For Working Women!

For every working woman, it’s a routine tussle to manage a balance between her personal life and professional life.

Moreover, to complete all responsibilities on time without making any of your family member compromises is a still a dream for many females, because majorly their time gets occupied with unproductive things.

Let’s not jump into any lengthy discussion and let’s have a glance at points which can help you into Time Management.

< Learn to say ‘NO’

It’s not necessary that you yourself will complete all the task.
Don’t overburden yourself. Take only those task in hand which you are capable of doing.

> Take help of family members wherever possible.
The responsibility taken by you isn’t only your responsibility.
Your hubby also needs to actively take part in the upbringing of kids.
Your in-laws need to help you to complete your homely responsibilities.
Remember its always a Team Work, and not ‘Only your work’.

< Social Media isn’t the goal

Stop wasting time on social media. It shall be part of your life but shall not be the only thing that acquires major time slot.
You need to use time wisely and allot your time cleverly.

>  Pre-plan your activities.

Yes, always it’s not possible to pre-plan your activities, but whenever possible try and pre-plan your activities so that you can roughly have an idea as in to which activity will occupy how much time.
And how you will manage it.

< Set your priorities.

Don’t randomly jump into any activity. If it’s in your priority list only then jump into it.
Hence, it’s very necessary to prioritize your work. If you don’t decide which work holds more priority, you shall never be able to balance and complete important work first and if you fail to complete vital works first, it will constantly create an imbalance in your life.

For everyone, a day consists of 24 hours, but it’s up to you how effectively and productively you use those 24 hours.
It’s never about lack of time, it’s always about lack of time management.

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