Being ambitious for your Career is a good thing but at the same time, you have your family and love-life to balance along. If you keep working all the time or spend all of your time with your loved ones, the equilibrium could not be maintained. Will you ever be able to feel the love?

Time Management is the key to Happy Life lies in maintaining a balance between Work & Life


Your responsibilities may make you feel overwhelmed and this can make you a bit disappointed when you are juggling time with your family against your responsibilities. The inner you might wander somewhere spending quality time with your partner but you have to settle down when you are an employee or a business owner. 

Of the many work-life integration quotes, here is my favorite one from Adam Grant’s “work-life rhythm”

“Work-life balance sets an unrealistic expectation of keeping different roles in steady equilibrium. Instead, strive for work-life rhythm. Each week has a repeating pattern of beats — job, family, friends, health, hobbies — that vary in accent and duration.”

How your complexities grow when you’re married?

Maintaining harmony with work-life when you’re married is a greater responsibility. You need to take care of your spouse and make your married life as successful as your career. Many couples end-up fighting over coming home late or working every weekend. Ultimately, peace is destroyed and this is not what you want!

Understand that everything has its own space

Give your 100% to the place where you are currently present. When at work, focus on your work and when you are at home, understand that it is your private space. Forget about the office and enjoy the moments with your partner and family.

5 Boundaries which keep romance alive

Plan date nights (no matter what)

Even if you are just married or 10 years married, date nights are always wooing time and you should not miss this. After all, these are the moments which make up your life so keep the feeling of love refreshed with such romantic gestures.

Smart Switch between home and work

You should know the reasonable time to get back to home from work as you have more roles to play at home. Keep your smartphone away and turn off the notifications so that you are away from disturbances. Similarly, when you are at work, avoid checking personal messages frequently.

Plan your Routine like a Pro

Efficient Time Management is the thing which will make work-life balance harmonious. You should know the number of holidays arriving this month, any major event like birthday, anniversary or something else coming your way. Plan everything so that you can also manage stuff at work even if you are at leave. 

Keep an eye on your communication at work and home

The way you communicate with your co-workers while at home and the way you respond to your partner while at work will make sense. Don’t bring your issues to the office or take your work-stress home, it’s as simple as this.

Hope this read will help you to look at work-life balance with a different perspective from now.

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