Have you ever made that one bucket list that is just filled with your dreams and desires? Getting everything that you’ve wished for was a distant dream until now. The bucket list needs to be checked off, and here is how! 

The universe is a huge magnet but unlike a traditional magnet that repels the like this magnet, attracts the like. The infamous quote ‘What you give is what you get’ is very much true. The universe is a huge wishing well. Whatever you put in it; it gives you ten folds of it. So, how to reap the sweetest fruits from this tree? The answer is putting our good vibes and aura. The more you wish good for others and yourself is the better you are welcoming in your life. 

This is popularly known as the law of attraction. There are tons of documents and videos available on the internet to tell you largely about the law of attraction. Here are some simple ways you can begin with it.

Visualization and manifesting desires

Visualize your desires and manifest them in your life. The power of visualization helps in manifesting. Visualize everything that you dream. You wish to own a car -visualize it! 

Be specific 

Whatever you are asking from the universe, be specific about it. If you wish to have a car, be specific about which car you want, which color you want, and then visualize the same picture. 

Practice gratitude 

Being thankful and showing gratitude towards life is the biggest form of respect. Always be grateful for the things you have achieved. Say 'thank-you' often and watch how life works in your favor.

Take actions 

Doing the above things is not sufficient when you do not take actions towards your dream. Always work on short term goals while practicing the above-listed things.

If you have the power to visualize, you have the power to manifest it in your life!

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