Being a lady isn’t a challenging task, it’s a privileged task.

Therefore being privileged shall always make you happy. Because if a privilege can’t make you happy, then let’s not label it as the privilege.

Every day you will get to see many ups-downs will tend to have mood swings like maybe 600 times mood swings in 6hours.

Every day you will be overburdened with hell lot of responsibilities,

and how can you forget different roles that you have to play every day?

All these will never come to an end unless you make it a point to live for yourself. Because You Live Only Once. You can’t wait for a special day to come and greet you to start living for yourself. It has to be Today, It has to be Now!

You don’t have to put in any extra efforts. You just have to take out a little time for yourself from your routine. The calculation is simple, you at least deserve 5min per hour for yourself, a day is made up of 24 hours, therefore 120 mins a day.

In those 120mins that’s equivalent to about 2 hours you just need to complete following psychological and physical task.

Let’s quickly have look at Psychological Task:

>Reminde yourself “Every lady is beautiful” and word ‘Every’ includes the beautiful ‘You’

>Everyday Look into Mirror, make eye contact and say ‘I am confident and capable to meet up multiple responsibilities.’

>And every day make a promise to yourself ‘I shall not let anyone take me for granted’

Here comes Physical Task:

> Everyday go for walk at least for 20mins.

>Never go to bed without reading something good.

>Spend at least 30mins after your hobby.

>Though size doesn’t matters but make sure you are fit and fine.

These are the minimal stuff you shall do to start investing in yourself.
Because the need to spend after ownself needs to be recognized by you and only you, yourself can sort it.

Before being a perfect daughter, sister, mother, wife, daughter in law, sister in law and so on…. focus on being a Better You!

More power to You.

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