Women’s safety is an important issue in India. The recent Hathras case has made the entire country angry and stunned. The 19-year-old Dalit girl was brutally raped by a group of cruel men in the Hathras, a city in Uttar Pradesh. Manisha Valmiki was brutally gang-raped, her tongue was cut, the spine was broken, and wounds were all over the body.

She fought the battle of her life like a warrior. She was admitted to the hospital of Delhi, where she was fighting for her life in the intensive care unit (ICU) for days. Unfortunately, she lost her precious life.

It is sad to hear the life-taking incident in our society. The number of gang-rape is increasing every year, and we are surely lacking strict law against these cruel people.

The increasing cases have made women think “how can we protect ourselves”. As a woman, we want a safe environment, and there is no denying in this.

With so many horrifying cases, it has become important that everyone stands against such brutal case, do our best to bring the change in the system, take all the steps we can to provide justice to women.

There is still an issue with the system and this is why it is necessary for women to arm herself and shield herself.

Trust your gut feeling

The gut feeling can never go wrong. Trust your inner instinct. Every time when you feel like you are feeling even a slight unsafe around you, accept that gut feeling and alarm yourself that this is not Ok. You may not be able to understand it or analyze it consciously, but please DO NOT ignore the sign. It is your personal threat alarm.

Make it a habit to read and notice everything and everyone around you. Your intuitions will surely safeguard you.


Remember, never feel ashamed about talking what you are feeling. Inform your family member or your friends about anything negative that you notice. Communicating with your loved ones will always assist you in dealing with any such situations.

If any small incident happens in your school or college or office or building, inform the authorized person at the place and ask them to be aware.

Save emergency contact numbers

Smartphones these days are not only meant for using social media and taking selfies. Save emergency contact number in your phone and if you ever feel that you are stuck somewhere dial the contact number. The system of saving and calling emergency contact is different in different phones, learn them the moment you purchase your phone.

Install women’s safety applications

There are many apps that are designed in a way that they act as a security guard for the woman, protecting them in every situation. The application allows them to record audio and video of the user’s surrounding and send it to registered contact number along with the alert message. One such app is Eyewatch SOS for Women. Other such applications that provide safety to a woman are SpotnSave Feel secure, iGoSafely, Smart 24×7, bSafe, Shake2Safety, Trakie, My SafetyPin, CitizenCop, Chilla, and many more.


Whenever your sister, mother, a wife is in a situation where they need urgent help from the police, or they want the police to come and rescue them. Then they have to dial 1091 (toll-free), even if they are unable to speak, they need not worry still, police will trace their location and come to rescue them.

It is majorly useful for women requiring help in an emergency situation like rape, molestation, eve-teasing, domestic violence, kidnapping.

Visit the site to know how to configure.

Women’s Cell

If you are facing any inequality at the workplace or any physical harassment or abuse, even verbal, inform to Women’s Cell. The Women Cell is constituted to help maintain a harmonious atmosphere at the Institute, to enable women to pursue their work with dignity and reassurance.

The Cell has been working to raise awareness on gender equality issues.

Women’s helpline number

Always save this number or the best and wise idea is to remember the helpline number of your state.

Be armed always

Learn some self-defence skills. This can be really important at any moment. Do not forget that you have a right to fight. You can keep pepper spray and other tools in your bag. However, these do not work on everyone, so trust your arm and wrist.

Do not think twice before kicking someone as your first priority should be escaping from that situation and saving yourself.


These are some valuable ways to safety that every woman should be aware of. Be mindful about the rules and laws and various helpline number of your state and always be very attentive.

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