As the winter sets in, Surtis get crazy for Winter-special delicacies and Surati Undhiyu is one of them. Like Paunk and Salam Pak are savored during winter, Undhiyu is also an interesting recipe which tastes better in the cold weather.

Undhiyu is a word derived from “undhu” which means upside down. 

As the name states, traditional undhiyu recipe is used to be prepared in an earthen pot with fresh vegetables available during the season. A lot of vegetables are grown during winter in the nearby areas of Surat, Navsari and Valsad and this tempts Gujjus to feed their taste-buds with yummy winter dishes.

All this together make Undhiyu taste yummier…

The commonly used veggies in Undhiyu include Green Beans, unripe banana, small eggplants, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrot and purple yam. This is just the basic ones, depending on the tastes, people also add ‘muthiya’. With essential spices added, Undhiyu is slowly cooked until the vegetables are totally cooked and their crunchiness is gone or until they turn perfectly soft.

Once cooked, Undhiyu is served with garnishing of grated coconut.

Undhiyu puri and Shrikhand is a treat to last for long in the mouths. It is especially served in weddings during the season. 

Stay tuned with us for many more interesting seasonal foods to come!


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