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Whole pulses and dals are beyond any doubt one of the most important ingredients of an Indian meal, especially for vegetarians. Pulses and dals are great sources of protein and important meal ingredients for day-to-day food. Having said that, it becomes very crucial that the pulses and dal we buy are of the best quality which guarantees optimum nutrition and health benefits.

With the season of storing pulses and dal, especially toor dal coming near it is crucial that you know how to buy the best quality toor dal that is best for your health and your body receives maximum protein.

Polished VS Unpolished

One of the biggest myths that  most people believe that the more polished the dal looks, the better is the quality. But, this is not true often. Before any dal hits the grocery stores or supermarkets, most pulses and dals including the toor dal undergo an extensive process of polishing.

Polishing is mainly done to increase visual appeal for the customer. There are different polishing ingredients used such as:

  • Nylon polish

  • Leather

  • Makhmal 

  • Water & oil polishing

Among all polishing, water & oil polishing is the most prevalent polishing. Doing so gives each and every grain of the dal a shiny appearance and a uniformity.

Although polished dal looks shiny and attractive, is it really nutritious? Are we really getting all the benefits of nutrients from a polished dal? Are we ready to compromise on nutrients based on aesthetics? 

Let’s find out why you should buy unpolished toor or any dal or pulses over polished.

As mentioned above, polishing is a multi-step process that dals and pulses go through while losing a lot of nutrients. The multi-process process drains enough nutrients from these ingredients. For instance, unpolished dal may contain natural fiber in the form of husk attached to it. 

Now during the process of polishing, the polishing plants remove the husk hence stripping off the goodness of natural fiber that is known to keep our digestive system healthy.

Secondly, unpolished dal contains a high amount of protein in comparison to polished dal. This helps us reap in maxim nutritious benefits of natural nutrients along with giving food wholesome flavor.

All in one, we should remember that all glitters are not good.

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